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It’s Here! It’s Really Here!

Well today is thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful family, our amazing friends. Really, this is one of the few times in my life where i can say I am truly content and that is a nice feeling.

A quiet afternoon walk with Miz Sassafrass-yes-I-am-two Davy Beach. I had to get over my own personal terror of earth worms to show Davy haw harmless they are. I don’t want Davy to inherit my neurotic squeamishness. I don’t think she bought it for a second

Some morning yoghurt with a post-bantu knot faux hawk and much much yogurt.


Tanta Ari brought Otombo all the way from South Africa to Davy. She loves her! Although apparently Otombo was quite nervous about meeting Davy, but relieved that there were no lions living in the house.

Hide and seek (shhhhh hiding)

My mom deserves her own blog post. Watching her and Davy play is pure magic.

video chatting with Andy’s family in Atlanta

My husband is truly the worlds best cook. He is amazing and made the whole meal. It’s how he shows love

Post dinner- pre-pie swing with the tantas

I have enjoyed this 30 days of thanks. It is my nature to complain until the cows come home. It’s been nice for me to constantly have to think about the little nice moments. The year between thanksgiving 2011 and 2012 has really truly been one of the happiest years of my life. I love our little family. I love you Andy Beach. I love you Davy Beach. I am proud and happy to be your wife and mother.


November 21, 2012- Thankful before Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for a few hours to craft. I finished my friend Courtney’s birthday quilt. I can’t post photos here because she is one of the only people who actually reads my blog. But that said, I love it. Might be my favorite yet. Courtney- here is the sneak peak at the back

I picked up some glorious yarn to start a hat for Erica’s holiday gift

here is the pattern

I had to buy myself these socks

failed flubber attempt (really I should not be allowed in the kitchen)

this tiny electric european car

a husband who cleaned up this explosive bottle of wine

Thanksgiving prep

I talked to a friend who I worked with 12 years ago. I called her out of the blue. I loved hearing her voice!

Tonight we went over to our friends the Rooneys. Davy spent no less then 45 chasing handsome Abe Rooney around their dining room table. There were gigantic cackles, lots of falls and SO much laughter. Really, it was something to see. Davy’s kid personality is emerging as a rough and tumble tough girl.She has a big loud laugh (just like her momma) She loves her Abe Rooney. She will let Abe carry her around like a little rag doll. At some point she hooked her legs around his waist and I said it looked like a scene from Officer and a Gentleman. We all laughed.

Laughter, family, friends, crafting, our quirky city. I really do have so much to be thankful for. Really, truly thankful.

November 20, 2012

Today I am thankful for:

Amazing rain
Burgerville Pumpkin Milkshakes
Leora’s hand-me-downs
this face

surviving Lord of the Flies-esque Mr. Ben concert

this made me giggle, poor folks

getting our turducken

these two

Little stacker

one more glove to go

six inches left to knit my sweater! Whoop whoop!

November 16, 2012

So thankful for:
Great conversations with Courtney and Lori
My family
A moment like this

Seriously can you believe I get to work here. It is as cozy as it looks:

and a daughter who really really REALLY loves to flush

What else?
Peanut butter Amaranth bars
nice and interesting customers
Doris’s tiny amazing yarn paintings
Sally’s laugh
Chicken Pot Pie
Andy Beach

November 15, 2012

Today I am grateful for:
Davy’s insane enthusiasm for Mavis

A regular, healthy two year old

a magic tincture that helped my uneasy tummy

This terrible photo of my daughter running in the airport to greet her grandparents.

Widmer’s pumpkin soup with hazelnuts
double stranded fair isle mitts
Jon Stewart

November 14, 2012

A new ‘do

a officially half finished sweater

this gizmo in my car that lets me charge both my phone AND the gps. Trust me it’s a big deal in my life

This tiny sweater that my friend Olisa knit me a million years ago. It has been on my car ever since

A video of my daughter farting and then saying “toot” and then burping. We are so classy like that

November 13, 2012

Today was Davy’s 2 year check up. I am very grateful for the sure-handed nurse who gave Davy her two shots and then some stickers for being so brave.

I am thankful that my girl loves her some arts and crafts.

for maybe the only photo of Davy and Georgia in existence

New toys

a potty curious child

My friend Amy gave Davy some bathtub crayons for her birthday. Davy loved them and I loved that it gave me some time to give her a new and fancy-ish hairdo

Also so thankful for that lil’ cute tushie!