Robot Sheep Everywhere!

This weekend I think my baby fever went into overdrive. I was in Portland and passed a shop that had this little sheep baby hat. My mind immediately spun to our future child’s room. Should it be sheep themed? Or Robot themed? I mean there is nothing cuter or cuddlier than robots right? Then I got it! Robot Sheep! I mean there is Robot Chicken’s right? I think I have lost my freaking mind. WE haven’t even done the home study yet- its WAY to early to be thinking about this stuff, but I feel that since I have been denying myself these things for so long- I had a momentary lapse of sanity!

For the record- I am not going to knit or buy a single thing until we have an actual referral and this hypothetical baby becomes a real he or she. Then LET the knitting begin. In the mean time I am going to concentrate my efforts on my preggo friends who could actually use some baby knittery. I was also thinking about making little crocheted dolls to sell as a fundraiser or to give away at the orphanage (if they are into that kinda thing). Dunno.  I know I need to channel all this nervous/excited energy somewhere.


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