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Buh Bye Home Study Docs

Today I am going to mail off the documents for our home study. We have had them a very long time and it feels really good to get them out.

They include:

a) background checks for every place we have lived in for the last 5 years (a hem that’s 3 different states and about 5 different houses/apartments)

b) 15 page-questionnaire about how we are going to raise our child (lots of technology maybe a pet robot). It had really great questions on it like why we were adopting, what religion we are gonna rase our kid, our relationships with our family etc.  They asked about how our lives were gonna change after the kid was here. Andy’s answer was the best “less HBO more Nickelodeon”. Yup. That sums it up.

c) Medical clearance from our doctor- which included a HIV, Hepatitis, TB and Syphilis test. I told Andy that I hoped to finally pass these tests and he reminded me that these are the ones that I hope to actually fail. Thankfully we flunked with flying colors- we don’t have any communicable diseases.

d)  Finanicial disclosure form

e) Job verification (for those of us who have one)

f) and other random docs (directions to our house, copies of our marriage license and birth certificates etc.).

We also had to get 4 letters of recommendations from our friends. Our friend Marie’s daughter decided to put in her own letter to the adoption agency which totally made me cry my eyes out because it was so sweet. After all that is in (the longest part is the background checks and I think ours are especially complicated). We get assigned a social worker and begin our parenting classes. We meet with the social worker once each individually and then she comes over and makes sure our house is kid safe. Which it should be by then. Fortunately we live in a house that once had kids living in it- so we have some stuff already in place. It feels weird to kid proof a house when the idea of having a kid can still be a year off. I am happy to do it- but it does seem sort of strange. I would feel more comfortable kid proofing closer to when the kid comes home. It feels like bad mojimbo to get it done so early in the process. But I digress… nothing like sending out a giant package of paperwork to make you feel like you accomplished a lot during the day!


We Shall Name You Eli S. Feldman (not really)

I worked at Metropolitan Jewish Health System for almost 7 years. When I started  there I filled out  the paperwork to be vested for their IRA. I left MJHS about 3 years ago- and vaguely forgot about the IRA. This weekend my WONDERFUL, AMAZING husband was doing some Spring Cleaning and found a document about our IRA. We called and found out there was a significant amount of money (more than half to cover the adoption)!!!!! Holy CRAP- How often do you find over $10k laying around!!!!!!!???!!!??

I called our accountant and she basically confirmed that between the taxes and penalties we would have to pay to cash in our IRA and the tax credits we would receive for adopting would be a wash! So we might as well use the money now!

This would pay for our home study and the major adoption fee we would need to pay once we would be placed with a kid! Holy CRAP!!!!! Today is a VERY VERY GOOD Day!!! I have been jittery and so excited. I called our agency and they are going to send us the packet so we can start our home study.

Also- Andy starts his new job in a week. He is really one in  a million- got an ACTUALLY BETTER job then the one that we moved out here for- higher position, better money and he will be working from home. I take it back- 2010- maybe you won’t be so sucky after all!

Also- Eli S. Feldman is the President and CEO of MJHS. We really aren’t going to name our kid after him- but I do feel grateful that after all these years- I got a little gift from my old job!