Daily Archives: August 11, 2010

Were Number 38!

I haven’t updated in a while. Lots has been going on! We sent our Dossier to Holt on my 39th Birthday- July 22. They approved it on July 26 and at that point we were officially “on the list”. This means that we might get a referral (e.g. kid) anytime- but really more like 4-5 months. Our agency Holt- gives people a number so they have an idea of how many people are also waiting and where you are on the list. We are #38. However this is a kind of random number because it lumps all the families together (folks waiting for older kids, siblings, specific genders). Families waiting for older kids actually have to wait a lot shorter then folks like us who want a wee baybay. Numbers aside we still have a good 4 month wait in front of us until we hear anything.

In the mean time- we are in the process of doing the immigration part of the adoption process. We have to do this after we finish the dossier- so I just sent in the first form the I-600a (catchy title I know).  We did get a notice that they got it in the mail. Now we are waiting for our fingerprint appointment from the Feds. The problem is- is that Mom is going away for 5 weeks and it will TOTALLY be when our appointment is! Bah! Nothing is easy in this process. I was assured that it’s pretty easy to change. I am just anxious about any more delays in this process. After our finger prints are processed and Home Land Security says we can be parents- we can legally accept an orphan. In theory all of this happens before you get a referral- its just all a waiting game now.

Also- we found out this weekend that we have to move. It’s okay- and our landlords are really wonderful people- who really wanted to make sure that us moving wasn’t going to fuck up the adoption. They want to sell the house and would like us out by early spring.  When I called Holt- they said it should be okay once we get a referral and passed the immigration stuff. I think it will be okay. I kind of love proper North Portland and St. John’s so we will look there. It will just be our 5th house since 2007! You think I would be good at moving by now! Or more minimal in our taste of furniture. Sadly we are neither…..we do consistently find fabulous places to live in- so I aint too worried. Mostly it just feels like we are hemorrhaging money.