Hello, My Name is Lisa and I Have a Problem



5 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Lisa and I Have a Problem

  1. Lisa maybe you should knit some in another size at least?
    So pretty though, you should knit for boutiques!

  2. Well admiting you have a problem is the first step:) But I consider it therapy for the insane waiting process. Im lovin’ the buttons on this one. If I had a little girl I would totally have her rock this one.

    1. I am just going to keep going. I keep saying that really I am knitting this more for ME then for her. Hope she doesn’t have a wool sensitivity (although I am yet to knit her a wool sweater).

  3. I have been loving seeing your sweaters, although I can’t believe how fast you are making them! I have been working on one for my son for about a month and MUST get it done so I can start on all the stuff I want to make for my daughter too. Loving this one the most, especially the buttons!! Happy knitting…

  4. I wish I had seen this sweater before I sent my package! I have seen some matching shoes that would have rocked! I also saw a onesie that I would want if I had a baby, it says “geekling”. HMMM…. maybe you’ll get another package. Can you tell I am putting my residual biological clock into your adoption? Beyond that I am thrilled for you and Andy! And I LOVE the pic of DAVY – I have it up on my wall!!

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