Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

Whatcha Doin’ on Saturday?

This weekend is Mother’s Day. I remember last year saying that this would be my last Mother’s Day without being a Mother. Well things don’t always quite pan out the way you would hope. This is my last Mother’s Day as a childless mother (a strange place to be). I am totally cool with that. It feels kind of right. Also- I am happy that my mom gets all the gushiness without having to share it for one last year. Although I do think she would be more than happy to share the day with me.
I know Mother’s Day can be a hard day for people struggling to form a family. It’s kind of like Valentine’s Day. It feels great if you are in a relationship, but if you are single the day is pure hell. I have had many many hellish Mother’s Days in my life and I am just grateful that this one feels uneventful. This year we aren’t going to do anything special to celebrate my becoming a mother to Davy. We are going to celebrate my mom. My mom deserves all of the celebrating she can get. She is a great mom who CAN’T WAIT to become a first-time grandma.

We are going to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day. The day is traditionally held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. While I don’t feel right celebrating Mother’s Day for me- I do feel like we need to acknowledge Davy’s birth mother. Without this beautiful woman we would never have the honor of raising our daughter. Without this woman we would never know the joy of meeting our child, the wonder of watching her grow. I feel sad for Davy that she won’t grow up knowing her first mother. As a future Adoptive mother all we can do is honor this woman, the importance and impact she has made on all of our lives.