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Random Stuff

First of all. I got a new camera! I am so excited about it. I had a panasonic Lumix, that I got in 2005. I love it, but the lens is really getting beat up and I have been wanting to play with depth of field and the Lumix wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted to upgrade to a DSLR. Andy’s brother had one (Nikon D90) and was willing to trade Andy for a laptop. It was like the gift of the Magi. I was going to sell my hair for an external hard drive and Andy was going to sell his laptop for a digital SLR….oh wait a minute…

Now we have depth of field. Yay! And yes, I did make that sweater.

Here is a better picture of the sweater:

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Pendelton outlet with my friend Gillian. I picked up these three giant blanket scraps (they weighed 5 pounds). I sewed them together and then lined the blanket as a gift for Andy. He gets cold (being from the South) and often complains that the afghans I make aren’t big enough. He has been requesting a “Man-ghan). I am too lazy to knit one, but still he likes it a lot! It’s crazy warm, crazy crazy warm.
Andy patiently explaining to Davy what NOT going to share means

I also made a bunch of binky holders. Davy loves her Binkies and the holders we got at Target were getting kind of gross from being dragged along. Also you can’t put them in the wash. These are washable and we can color coordinate with her outfits (yes I admitted I do that).
Binky holder in use

Otherwise Davy girl is doing great. She is SO ready to walk. She has been standing on her own and pushing off starting to walk. Her independent streak is truly amazing. We started taking music classes and she loves to dance and clap her hands. Also we have her in driver ed.
Don’t worry we won’t let her drive drunk


PTAS (Post Traumatic Adoption Syndrome)

Recently I answered a post for someone wanting to learn to crochet. She would pay me in fresh eggs. I answered the add (saying I wasn’t much of a crocheter but I would try to teach her the basics). The conversation veered towards our kids (I met her through a parents group and we were communicating via email, and hadn’t met). We both have kids the exact same age. My immediately felt the need to write “our daughter is 10 months old but we are an adoptive family and she has only been home 2 1/2”. Then I thought – wow is it that important that I say that? Nope not really.

The issue is that I feel kind of like a fraud. I haven’t been a parent for 10 months. I have been a parent for 2.5 months. I wonder when that feeling starts going away. We are “new” parents to an older baby. On the outside, we look like we have been together forever. I feel like we have been together forever. We are a family. We know each other, we know how to make each other laugh, Davy is a really really happy baby. It means we MUST be doing something right. Right? I have to remind myself constantly that even though we are new parents- everyone is a new parent in a way because these kids change so fast. I have no idea how to parent a new born baby, but at 10 months. I think we are doing okay.

I feel like I might still have some post-traumatic adoption syndrome. The waiting, the pain of the adoption is still so raw that it makes me feel like I need to wear it as a badge of honor. I want to tell everybody–we went through this really really hard thing, and look at us. We are happy. She is home. We are all okay. We are all so in love.

We traveled with a dear family in May. Their kid’s aren’t home yet, caught up in the stupid bureaucratic nightmare that is international adoption. They are hoping and praying their kids will be home by Christmas. Christmas! I am so invested in their kids coming home because I understand their pain so so so much. These kids need to come home to their forever family. Our dear friends need to be able to heal from the pain that is their adoption process. I am so invested in their kids coming home because I feel like, when they do, as some point we will be able to shut this door on the last two years of our lives. So if your a praying type (I am not, but I am a knitting type- so that is what I am doing). Please send all of your positive thoughts and vibes and prayers to our dear friends Mike and Erika Sosna and their beautiful loved boys, Levi and Aaron.

Here is a photo of Davy (with runny nose) and her Levi stand in:

Scenes from a Road Trip

Andy had some meetings in Salt Lake City so we packed up the kid and took a wee trip. SLC was very weird, definitely a “company town”. The nature part was really breathtaking. Also traveling with Davy was both wonderfully fun and totally challenging. She did great in the car, loved seeing new things and loved charming locals. Sleep was tricky. I think it was a combo of sleeping a lot in the car, and then her routine being a little messed up. Overall though- I think the trip was very successful. We went swimming everyday. I took her to a lake and watching her explore the shoreline might have been my favorite part of a mother so far.

Here are some pix from our trip

Keeping Davy occupied

Literally two seconds later

Somewhere in Eastern Oregon

We got in trouble here

Really your not suppose to throw your kid into a giant pile of stuffed sheep? Really?

Or get pimped out with Daddy?

Lunch in Idaho


We took a tram up to the top of Snowbird Mountain, 11000 above sea level. Kinda like Addis.

I love this photo

We went for a splash at Jordanell State Park.

Then we went to Temple Square and looked at religious stuff

yeah, yeah, Davy I feel the SAME

um, Jesus seems a little, uh, pale

On the way home we stopped at Shoshemme Falls in Idaho- they were amazingly beautiful

We also managed to scare the living shit out of our kid (although this photo makes me laugh)

superhero pose!

Still Got It!

I started knitting again. It seems like I have been prolific, but the projects have been super easy. The white sweater and the pink pants were on giant needles. It feels really really good though. Now I need to get back to my sewing… but that can wait.

I am totally obsessed with baby leg warmers. It’s because they are totally non-committal clothing. Trying to get clothing on Davy is kind of like trying to put underpants on a cat, so these are easy on and easy off. The green ones are for a friend. The pink sparkly ones, well we are totally keeping those!

Lil’ Flashdancer.