Scenes from a Road Trip

Andy had some meetings in Salt Lake City so we packed up the kid and took a wee trip. SLC was very weird, definitely a “company town”. The nature part was really breathtaking. Also traveling with Davy was both wonderfully fun and totally challenging. She did great in the car, loved seeing new things and loved charming locals. Sleep was tricky. I think it was a combo of sleeping a lot in the car, and then her routine being a little messed up. Overall though- I think the trip was very successful. We went swimming everyday. I took her to a lake and watching her explore the shoreline might have been my favorite part of a mother so far.

Here are some pix from our trip

Keeping Davy occupied

Literally two seconds later

Somewhere in Eastern Oregon

We got in trouble here

Really your not suppose to throw your kid into a giant pile of stuffed sheep? Really?

Or get pimped out with Daddy?

Lunch in Idaho


We took a tram up to the top of Snowbird Mountain, 11000 above sea level. Kinda like Addis.

I love this photo

We went for a splash at Jordanell State Park.

Then we went to Temple Square and looked at religious stuff

yeah, yeah, Davy I feel the SAME

um, Jesus seems a little, uh, pale

On the way home we stopped at Shoshemme Falls in Idaho- they were amazingly beautiful

We also managed to scare the living shit out of our kid (although this photo makes me laugh)

superhero pose!


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