Daily Archives: December 7, 2011

Just Sayin’


Recently, my boss at my job (which I love SO much) commented that she thinks there is something really special about Davy. Well, as her mother I of coarse agree completely. Objectively there is something really unique about our girl. It’s her social skills. Developmentally she is totally on target, but socially she is really unusual. She really connects with people. She has the ability to make people feel special. She plays with kids. She shares. She loves people. She is an incredibly social animal.

Today I was with a group of mothers and they were talking about how their toddlers fought with them on every bit of change. They had a hard time transitioning from breakfast to play, from play to nap. They don’t like new people. They are having a hard time being weaned. Etc. As Davy transitions into a toddler- we may have problems in these areas (not the weaning part) but the rest. This group of mothers asked me if Davy was having issues in this area to- and I said not really.

The fist 7.5 months of Davy’s life was full of transitions. Although there is always a giant element of loss with all adoption (and I am not belittling that point at all). Davy has been loved by so many people. She has gone from place to place and the people whose lives she has touched have loved her. It think it has made her a pretty secure kid. Also the fact that she moved so much in her first year has made her be able to deal with change. I know a good part of this is just how her brain is wired. Many kids in her exact same situation may have a very different reaction. On top of it she has us for parents. Andy and I are both very social and flexible- so I think it’s something that just jelled as a family.

The folks who cared for our daughter for the fist part of her life built the blocks, we are just continuing on with what they built. Again, I feel incredibly grateful to the women in Ethiopia who cared for our daughter. I feel incredibly grateful that we get the honor of raising our kid. I don’t spend a lot of time bragging about our kid. I am so proud of our daughter. I am so in love with her and watching the person she is becoming. Just sayin’