Daily Archives: February 1, 2012

Beti and Davy, Davy and Beti


Beti Rooney came home just a month after Davy. Actually, I got to hang out with Beti’s momma Lori (and my very good friend) in Ethiopia when we were there in May. Beti is six. She is mature, self possessed, goofy, smart and beautiful. She is big sister to the handsome and charming Abe Rooney. Davy thinks that Beti is just the bees knees. Beti always takes time to play with Davy whenever we are together. She always looks out for her. In turn, Davy can’t keep her eyes off of Beti. When I tell her we are going to see Beti- her eyes light up and she says “Beti”. Beti Rooney is Davy’s first rock star crush.