About North Carolina

It breaks my heart. I loved living there. Durham NC is one of my most favorite places on the earth. Breaks my heart.

I wanted to share with you something my dear friend Marie wrote on her Facebook page. I had to read and re-read it. It gave me goosebumps. I read it to everyone who would listen. Marie is one of my closest friends. She is my mothering icon. She has raised a pretty fantastic teenager. Funny, smart and full of sass. She did it on her own. She is an awesome, brave and funny woman. I was so happy that she shared this about her life. I am reposting (with permission).

” I think today is a good day to thank my mom. She removed me from a violently abusive “traditional” household to be raised by her and her partner. They gave me everything I needed including love, food, an education and a life without violence. Shame on you North Carolina you might have denied this right to some little girl in your state”

Yeah. Amen.


1 thought on “About North Carolina

  1. So agree w/ your friend, Lisa. By the way, my sister Martha Darsky who worked with & is good friends w/ your ” Aunt” Barbara was just here from San Francisco for a short visit. I shared your blog & pictures of Davy, you & Andy. She loved them. She babied me, helped me w/ last of radiation. It was a special few days!

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