Art and Strawberries


Davy’s nap has been shifting to late afternoon. It is good in that we are no longer a “slave to the nap” but hard to quite figure out what to do with all of these hours of activities. Now that the weather is changing- it’s getting MUCH easier. Oregon summers are the most amazing summers on the earth, warm, zero humidity, blue skies.

Davy has taking a major cognitive leap. She has started speaking in sentences. She has always been verbal- she has been talking since she was 9 months old. This new phase is hilarious. Sometimes she gets her little legs stuck in her crib. This morning I came down to check on her and she said “I am stuck.” then later this morning she was sitting at her little craft table and she said, like she has been talking all her life “I want to paint.” She pointed at the paper and paint. Andy and I were both Art majors and we were SO proud. Seriously people, my kid is a freaking art making genius. Also paint doesn’t really taste that great. Just ask her.

After we clean her up/hosed down the entire house, we met some friends to go strawberry picking on Sauvie Island. It was a perfect morning for it. We didn’t go to crazy, we picked a few pints, which Davy stuffed down her gob. The diapers should be interesting…



2 thoughts on “Art and Strawberries

  1. lisa’s child? verbal and artistic? i cannot fathom the odds…


    ooh, and i am now remembering that RIGHT NOW are the two months i’m supposed to visit oregon, yes? (WHY am i allthewayoverHERE and you are allthewayoverTHERE?! the bitter injustice of it all.)

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