November 12, 2012 Davy Age 2


Davy age 2:
Loves Yo Gabba Gabba
Her daddy and mommy, Baba, Poppa and Grammie
Is loved by many
Speaks in full sentences “Mommy, big stinky poop, daddy changed me” (from this afternoon)
Loves to tortue Bella
Wakes up singing and goes to sleep singing

Davy age 2:
Says “I am from Africa”
Loves her friends, Maymez, Luke, Sophia, Alex, Max, Abe, Beti, Shawnie, Sara, and her other buddies at the Peanut Galler

Davy age 2:
Knocks people down with her giant hugs
Sleeps with her binky and blankie
Screams with the very best of them
Loves playing “night night”

Davy age 2:
Is the true total love of our lives. This child. How the hell did we get so lucky?







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