Monthly Archives: March 2013

Gene Krupa

I sent my father this video of Davy playing her new drum set

His response made me laugh

I had no idea who Gene Krupa is (thanks to wikipedia now i know)

My reaction was “Oh my Gawd my dad is OLD.”
I am sure Davy will say the same thing to me when I say “wow your a regular Roger Taylor”


Bella Love


Since Georgia died there has been a change in Bella. At first her grief was palpable. Painful. Bella has always been a younger pup and with out her older and grumpier sister to boss her around she has been lost. We have tried herbal remedies, walks, extra attention and thunder shirts. All which worked to some extent.

Bella has always suffered from a lot of anxiety. She has pretty extreme separation anxiety and still (at age 8) can’t be left alone in the house with out being put in a small space. We usually put her in Davy’s playroom. About 3 out of 10 times she poops in the room. It sucks, but at this point we (well I) have come to accept is. Davy always is the first to point out “Bella’s Poop” because we have a poop obsessed toddler. Seriously there is so much poop in my life.

February is actually a nice month in Portland. There is a beautiful dog part near Davy’s preschool. It’s a wonderful place, huge giant Doug Firs, hawks, rolling hills. Bella and I spent many hours here when we first moved to Portland. It is what helped me fall in love with the beauty of this place.

Due to our schedule and my just feeling overwhelmed in general, Bella hasn’t been getting to go to the dog park as much as I would like. This was a huge mistake on my behalf because its EXACTLY what she needs. Really it only takes about 30 minutes until she is totally warn out (my dog is part quarter horse, she has a short but enormous spirt of energy but zero endurance.)

These trips to the park make her happy and in turn I get to reconnect with my joy of seeing her run like a maniac. I am glad we are back on track.