She is Three Now




Last week Davy turned three. I always greet her birthday with much fun and anticipation but also sadness for her first family. I wonder if they are thinking about her at this time of the year. I think about what a three year old Davy in Ethiopia might be like versus the three year old I know. I wonder about nature vs nurture. I want to hug her birth family and be able to tell them that she is fine. More than fine, she is thriving, funny and feisty.

We do send a photo book every year back to them, so I know that they know this. I know that they get it. I know that it makes them happy. I just want to be with them to share the love of this little Dinkinesh, this amazing miracle.

So yeah, I always carry a little bit of bittersweetness around her birthday. I am the only one. Andy doesn’t really think about it that much. Davy shouldn’t ever have to feel any thing but sweetness on her birthday. I think its my job as her momma to carry her first family in my heart and to honor them.

This Davy at three: She is a joker and clown, she is feisty, smart, verbal, hilarious. She is prone to tiny fits of rage, she can remember everything and listens to every word we say, even if she doesn’t seem like she is paying attention. Her favorite time is night before bed when we have family time- it usually involves dancing with her clunky parents. She has no fear. Loves to swim, run, dance. She is friend to Beti, Abe, Zara, Amaya, Jackson, Jameson, Juniper, Max, Mezzy and Mavis. She has inherited my giant laugh. Her favorite food group is Gummy Bears. She is a true beauty who loves to shake the beads in her hair. She is a daddy’s girl all the way. He loves Moo Shu more than Bella (it’s okay, i think Moo loves HER more than Bella does). She loves school, Curious George, messy art, her books, and all of her “guys” that she sleeps with every night.

Davy Dinkinesh Beach. Three years ago you came into this world. Your spirit, humor and grit touches everyone who you meet. We love you beyond measure. Your first family loves you beyond measure. Happy birthday our love.




2 thoughts on “She is Three Now

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Every time I read one of your blogs, I sit at the computer & cry. I cry because Knish is so very fortunate to be your daughter. I cry because her birth father had to give her up to bless her with a wonderful life. I cry because you are my niece…so gifted with love, life experience, & the written word. I feel like you. Knish was shared by her birth father, & you are shared with me by your birth mother. We are blessed!
    AB AB

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