Five Months

IMG_3650It has been too long. It’s spring now. Our sidewalk is full of the helicopters that fall from maple trees. We moved. My mom got sick and then got well. My father in law, nephew, bother and best friend visited. Davy Beach is three and a half.

She is growing. Still a peanut but catching up to her friends. She is full of imaginary friends, talking animals, tea parties, princesses and fairies. She doesn’t leave her house with out her crown. If people ask her if she is a princess she responds (annoyed)”No I am a queen”.

She prefers her shoes mismatched. She wants her hair to be “in puffs with some long beads”. She jumps in the water and swims to me without her water wings. She is fearless. She says she is a mermaid. She has a giant heart and those she lets in she loves big time.

Today she said “Mom, come here i have a secret”. I leaned close as she whispered “The secret is imagination”.

Yes it is sweet thing.


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