Boy Those Holidays


I haven’t blogged in a while. Partly because we have been rearranging the house and my computer has been unplugged and mostly because it has taken me a while to process this holiday season. It was ROUGH. Call my friend Judith (the child psychologist rough). I only do a phone in with her when things are feeling out of control. She gives amazing perspective and ideas on how to help us through this rocky time. Davy has gone from the 10th percentile in height to the 40th in one year. One year. 4 inches. Her little body is out of whack and that has a direct impact on her emotional stuff.

The month of December was very very very hard. Dave’s a kid who really feels all her feelings and there were many many many that month. Couple with sugar, couple with an adult in our life who fed her an entire package of Red Jello, coupled with parties, and visitors and more parties and more sugar, well you get it

Our holidays are very long and there are many of them. We are a family who celebrates Chanukah and Christmas and New Year and Genna. That is a lot of activity. It felt to me like there was a lot of noise and a lot of fun, so much so, the regular days were rough.

Today was the first day things were back to normal. The moms during drop off Davy’s school were all lined up waiting for them to open. One mom kept uttering “sixteen days, its been sixteen days”. Today was also the day that we actually had fun. I think there is a direct correlation between normalcy and happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for the holidays. I love our traditions. I love that Davy can say the Barucha over the Chanukah candles and then in the same breath profess Jesus as the King of Kings. This is our life. The religious stuff she will figure out. The love she feels, the traditions she knows. She got a book a night for Chanukah and then millions and millions of gifts for Christmas.. Her favorite thing is a bunch of books that has a little reader attached. I asked her why she like it so much and its because “She can read them herself”. Favorite Gift, books. Love her. Love that.

There were moments of great beauty and fun during this time. I love the holidays. I love our family, friends, our dearest friends who are our family and life. I am just really really really glad to get back to “normal” whatever the hell that means.



1 thought on “Boy Those Holidays

  1. When my Younger Three were Wee, I always felt like I was the *only* person in the universe who dreaded daycare/school being closed for the holidays and was SO GLAD when it opened again! Those 2 weeks were always Survival One Day At A Time.

    So I totally understand your words of, “Today was also the day that we actually had fun. I think there is a direct correlation between normalcy and happiness.” Been There, Done That! *huggles!*

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