Home Study is Scheduled!


Our first interview is scheduled for May 18th and our second is on June 6!  The June one is when the social worker actually comes to our house!  We are so excited!  I have heard really wonderful things about our social worker so I am psyched to work with her. So far she has been really great about answering my many many questions! I can tell she is going to have a calming affect. After the interviews Andy and I have to take a class called Parents in Process. We can actually take it in May but we are both traveling and I am working- so it’s pushed off until June.  I am excited and happy to take parenting classes. I think it’  to bad that all parents don’t have the opportunity to take parenting classes (if they want to).  

 Also- we don’t have to babyproof our house. I was totally wrong. Just uh, clean it up a little and show that we have room for our future baby! Our house is a three bedroom but one of the bedrooms we use as an kind of ruckus/ guest room. It is attached to the door that goes to the back yard- s0 it gets a lot of traffic.  Right now the we have a general plan that the baby is going  to sleep upstairs with us and then we will use the third bedroom as a play room. This is all contingent on if mom finds work and a place over the next year (which she should by then). If she does- the baby can just have her room.

We are now starting to get organized for our Dossier. This is the list of the legal stuff that has to go to the Ethiopian embassy. The main part of the dossier is the report from our home study. A lot of it is super redundant. We need to get another letter from our doctor saying that we are healthy enough to be parents. We have to get two more letters of recommendation – these ones signed and notarized. We also need bank records, marriage licenses, birth certificates and another letter from Andy’s employer stating that we have health insurance etc.

I have already started working on it. I am temping this week. It’s the first time I have been in an office in a while- it feels really weird. My job is really to babysit the front door- which is fine and kind of funny. Very very dull- and I kind of forgot how much I hate working in an office. We have to line up to punch our card out exactly at 4:30 other wise we will be docked pay if we leave early. The clock is 2 minutes slow so we have to stand there and wait. Truly- it makes me feel a little bit like a prisoner.  I AM excited about putting more money in the baby fund though- and it’s kind of nice to get out of the house for a while. Andy they are decent enough to let me read knit and update my blog while I am here. So I got to really stop my whining. The world is a very different place when you don’t sleep until 8 a.m. For example, did you know New Seasons (our fancy grocery chain) doesn’t open until 8 a.m? I found out when I was banging on their door begging for coffee and a bagel- calling them lazy gits under my breath!

Okay enough of this- since I only have 6 more hours to kill for this temp job- I am going to update my Raverly site and my knitting blog. Thank you generic company in Beaverton for giving me this opportunity…..


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