Poking Along (har har har)

Andy and I have had a busy week with adoption stuff. On Wednesday we had the second round of our Hepatitis shots. We need one more and then we are inoculated against many many nasty bugs on the planet. As Andy says “I can’t wait to eat some raw pork sushi” well not really- but yeah- you know.Who are we kidding- he probably would. Andy took a photo of me getting my shot and I am posting it because its hilarious. I am making such an over dramatic face! I am such a wimp- thank GAWD I don’t have to go through natural childbirth!

Also this week Andy and I got fingerprinted for the UCIS paperwork. Once your dossier has been approved- you have to start working on the immigration part of the adoption. This is truly just more paperwork- but its vaguely complicated. We had to go to Homeland Security (no cellphones allowed) and have our “biometics” taken. Really just fingerprints. My mom (who is out of town) has to go next week. Hopefully they will be able to find her fingerprints- this time! Homeland Security does more of a background check and then we get notification that we can “receive an orphan”. It sounds antiquated- but it basically means that we have jumped through enough hoops to accept the referral.

Finally- we got an email this week that our dossier is in Ethiopia! All that paperwork we put together is now in the hands of Holt staff who will match us to our future child! Hurrah Hurrah!

Here is the photo of the door to the fingerprinting office. No cellphones or camera- but I felt the need to take a photo of something!


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