Pimp My Nest


Everyone who knows me knows I am one crafty lady. I am mostly a knitter but have spent many hours spinning, quilting and crocheting. My mom and I do some craft shows every year. I mostly make really cute cowls but have started making these pins out of Pendelton wool scraps. Well about a month ago I was fooling around with them and made them into a little bowl. I then filled the little bowl up with some needle felted eggs and came up with something so freaking cute I really surprised myself!  Lots of people have asked how they could help with our adoption. I decided to put these things on my Etsy shop. All the proceeds will go towards our travel expenses. They look really cute on your Christmas tree or Hanukah bush or just to have and to hold. I will be putting more up over the next few weeks. If there is something specific you want- or a color that you are interested in and don’t see- just email me and I will make one for you!

Here is the link



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