Daily Archives: January 29, 2011

Hey Here’s A Good Way to Help Some African Senior Citizens

I am a lucky lucky lady. A few months ago I started volunteering at the Africa House Senior Art Class. I have written about it a million times. I really love doing it. Seriously love doing it. These folks make me smile and give the worlds best hugs.

I think when we talk about international adoption its totally natural to focus on the kids. I mean its about the kids right? I also think its about the elders and learning from their history and trying to absorb as much as the culture as we can. Aside from the art class Africa House offers ESL classes, and provides much- needed resources to the community. The profits of this art work goes directly to helping the Africa House seniors.

Not everybody has the time to volunteer. BUT you can totally help the program by buying some of their art. Their wonderful, amazing, inspiring art. It’s not even that expensive – as far as art goes. Besides- wouldn’t it look awesome in your  or your kids room. So yeah- buy some art from these people. It will make your (and their) day!

I totally call dibs on the Lion for Davy’s room.

Here is the link to the etsy page!t