Pinky Pink Pink Pink


So I was never a girly girl. I only started wearing the color pink in my thirties.Then I thought I thought I was being ironic.  As a kid, I never wore dresses or skirts. I played with horsey dolls not baby dolls. Barbie was dead to me. Now that Davy is coming into our lives people have been giving us SO MUCH PINK. And you know what? I am cool with it. Andy and I said we were going to buy her clothes that aren’t pink to counter all the pink coming into our lives, but we totally aren’t going to fight the pink thing. We know we have a small window of influence to dress her how we like before she starts requesting pink. But that said- we are also embracing it too. People have been giving us tons of clothing and most of it is pink. Who are we to be totally picky when it comes to others generosity?  My neighbor recently gave me a bag of clothing and she said “you aren’t going to fight the pink thing are you” . Nope. Thanks for the awesome clothes.

I was recently at my friend’s kids Valentines day event and i noticed that literally every single little girl was swathed in pink. My friend Gillian’s daughters are always swathed in pink (and they are feisty little kids). I think that pink can mean both girly and strong. I was having this discussion with another friend and she said that she thought denying your child their little girl femininity was in fact a very un-feminist thing to do. I love that statement- it put it all very much in perspective. Yay for strong pink- wearing feisty little girls!

That said, here is a photo of Davy’s sweater number two (in teal) with little ladybugs on it.



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