Postcard From A Million Years Ago

Andy and I met in October 1997. We met online. He was living on a bucolic island outside of Savannah Georgia. I was living in Brooklyn. We talked for months and months. He visited me in Brooklyn and finally in January 1998 I visited him for the first time on Tybee Island. This weekend my friend Erica showed me a postcard I had sent her celebrating the first 24 hours with my future husband. I love this piece of personal history. Who knew that this fella would become my husband? The father of our child? That we would live all over the country and the world? From this postcard you can see that in January 1998 I was in love. Still am.


1 thought on “Postcard From A Million Years Ago

  1. Very sentimental and so great that you have these pieces of your history together. Thanks for sharing

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