Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

A Little Embellishment…

My friend JoAnn gave me a pack of white baby Ts  for Davy. I had a tiny bit of this super cute fabric from Ikea. So I did a little embellishment. I bet she is going to get a lot of  THAT growing up in this house. This is my first one. I am not used to doing applique on t-shirt material so it got a little puckery. I bet she won’t care- but I need to practice more. Fortunately its a six pack. Also because we live in Portland I needed to put a bird on it.

Andy and I are off to Vegas for a week (this girl needs to pack). I am going to work with him at his company’s booth for the National Association of Broadcasters (nerd) conference. Also as a bonus we get to see my Dad and Stepmom (who live in Vegas), Step Sister, Step Brother-in-law and their kids (technically speaking my step niece and nephew but who is counting)-who are visiting from Michigan. Should be fun, but I am fairly certain Andy is going to work me to death.

We are also planning our trip to Ethiopia! Squeeeeee.


May 17!!!


We have a court date- on May 17 we will go before an Ethiopian judge and she will decided that (as per Ethiopian law) Davy can legally be our daughter.

For those who aren’t living and breathing this process. We get to meet Davy, she legally becomes our kid, but we have to go home and wait for her to get embassy clearance for us to take her home, this usually takes between 6-12 weeks. This process is finally moving. We are one step closer to becoming a family of three.