A Little Embellishment…

My friend JoAnn gave me a pack of white baby Ts  for Davy. I had a tiny bit of this super cute fabric from Ikea. So I did a little embellishment. I bet she is going to get a lot of  THAT growing up in this house. This is my first one. I am not used to doing applique on t-shirt material so it got a little puckery. I bet she won’t care- but I need to practice more. Fortunately its a six pack. Also because we live in Portland I needed to put a bird on it.

Andy and I are off to Vegas for a week (this girl needs to pack). I am going to work with him at his company’s booth for the National Association of Broadcasters (nerd) conference. Also as a bonus we get to see my Dad and Stepmom (who live in Vegas), Step Sister, Step Brother-in-law and their kids (technically speaking my step niece and nephew but who is counting)-who are visiting from Michigan. Should be fun, but I am fairly certain Andy is going to work me to death.

We are also planning our trip to Ethiopia! Squeeeeee.


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