Three Packages!

I love mail. It almost makes me sad that we no longer write letters because I love mail. After being gone for a whole week we came home to three packages. Three Packages! SQUEEEEEE!!!

The first package contained our airline tickets to Ethiopia! Hurrah!

The second package I got contained gifts from my dear friend Naomi. The most perfect baby sweater on the planet!

Look at the detail:


Naomi is a knitting genius and librarian. She has been working on embedding words and symbols into knitting patterns. Here is the link to her blog where she discusses how she does it. . She is one smart cookie. She knitted me a cowl where she used Davy’s name as the pattern. Amazingly enough it looks like hearts and houses. It’s really really beautiful.

Then I opened the box from my friend Juline! Holy Canoli a quilt! Since I am such a crafting nerd- all handmade gifts give me the chills. Juline is a meticulous crafter and the work that she did on this quilt really shows. I LOVE it. The piece of fabric she used on the back has an image of the world map. She embroidered a heart of Ethiopia, North Carolina (where we met) and Oregon. Here are a million photos of the quilt.
I am so touched by these amazing gifts, the generosity of my friends and the love that they are showering on us and wee Davy.


6 thoughts on “Three Packages!

  1. Absolutely amazing!!(and I agree with you…”delivered” mail is really so much nicer than e-mail)
    24 days until lift-off!!

  2. So glad they made it there okay! ♥

    And look at that fabulous quilt – Juline is a quilting genius, I think.

    Yay plane tickets!

  3. can i just say that you have THE MOST talented, thoughtful friends? holy moley, girl.

    and that pic of the tickets? just warms my heart.

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