Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

Out and About With Davy

So we have been going out a bunch with our girl. She is doing great, we limit it to a trip a day otherwise she gets over tired and refuses to sleep. We have been getting our first taste of what it’s like to be a transracial family. Mostly people look at her, look at us, then look at her. Many many many people comment on how beautiful she is, cause she is indeed a beauty. Sometimes if there is one of us, they automatically assume that one of us is African American and look a little suprised when me or Andy show up. Sometimes people do say boneheaded things- but mostly its because they don’t quite know how to ask the question in a PC way. My favorite has been “where did you get her” I of coarse answered sarcastically “either Wal-Mart or Target- I forgot which one”.

I have a friend- with a very Jewish-sounding name who is an adoptee from Ecuador. People ask her all the time where she is from-her response is consistently “Long Island”. If they press she will say “Massapequa”. She has no shame about where she is from, it’s a game she likes to play. Just because people ask- doesn’t mean you have to tell them.

This weekend we went to the Portland Museum of Art. There is an antique car show going on there and Andy really wanted to see it. I- on the other hand- referred to it as a very expensive diaper change- because Davy had a blow out and I spent a long time in the bathroom trying to wipe poop up from every surface imaginable. It was a very nice bathroom though. Anyway we got lots of the looks, looking at Davy, smiling, looking at us, smiling. I don’t for a second believe that all these stares are negative, just curious. I always notice transracial families when I am out. I would smile. It’s really okay. When we were at the museum an older woman came up to me and said the most beautiful thing- she just said “well she must be just the biggest blessing to your family”. The way she said it gave me goosebumps. She really really meant it and could tell that we felt that she is indeed a blessing.