Ec, Adam and Davy


My grandma Leah used to say that you can count all of your real lifelong friends on one hand. I think there is truth to that. I think friendship is fluid, you will never know who you will be friends with in 20 or 30 years. I like to say “you never know who shakes out in the end.” As someone who has moved a lot in my adult live, I have embraced the fluidity of my friendships. Some stick, some don’t but there are always lessons to be learned by every person who passes through your life.

My friend Erica is one of those life long friends. We met in collage. We had a mutual teacher in common. We were on the elevator together our teacher asked if we knew each other. We said we didn’t. She suggested we get together and barrow each others clothes. At that point in our lives we were creepy doppelgangers–short, chubby, Jewish girls with bobs and big glasses. Lots have changed, we don’t really look alike anymore but our friendship has blossomed into one of the richest ones i have.


I love LOVE her buzzgack Adam. Don’t know what a buzzgack is? What you don’t speak the language of 20 years of friendships and “in” jokes. Adam is Erica’s non- legal spouse, life partner, best friend, boyfriend, common-law husband. There is no word in the English language that describes what they are together, so they made one up. Buzzgack. Go ahead and use it. They won’t mind.
Erica has been there for all of the pivotal moments in my life, she is funny, dry and sarcastic. She will always keep me in check and will remind me when its time to wax my chin. Both her and Adam been a huge support during this adoption. I was so thrilled that she finally got to meet Davy. I think Davy really liked her Auntie Ec. and Uncle Ama.



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