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A yard sale find, patriotic gnome, my daughter’s perfect hair and good coffee

The day after we celebrated our 11th year of marriage I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I had over-caffeinated myself trying to match Davy’s energy. All it does is keep me exhausted and unable to sleep for hours. Davy turns one next month and is slowly easing into toddlerdom. If we give her food she doesn’t like she takes it out of her mouth and throws it on the floor to give to the dogs (even if the dogs are outside). She has also been swiping my glasses every chance she gets. To make a long story short- I took my frustrations out on my husband of 11 years.

Not a great way to start year 11, but after 11 years of marriage he wasn’t so surprised by my reaction. And he is the forgiving sort. I took a nap when Davy took a nap.We went for a long walk that ended in the park. It was a beautiful fall day and Portland was in full quirky bloom. The day ended with cheesy grits and a piece of chocolate cheese cake.

Favorite part of being a mom- getting to be a kid again


2 thoughts on “Eleven

  1. Congratulations you guys!!! Love the pictures! And what is up with throwing the food on the floor when the dog is outside, we have that problem here too 🙂

  2. happy eleventh! you two are my favorite together.

    ps cheesy grits is the best way to celebrate.
    pps will you kindly ask davy to scale back on the cuteness? i keep trying to squeeze her, and my desktop does not appreciate my unexpected bouts of affection. 😀

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