We Are a Tattoo Family



Andy and I recently got tattoos in honor of our daughter. We both wanted the tattoo to represent the adoption process and the uniqueness and beautify of our daughters country. When we were in Ethiopia in May and touring around we were looking for ideas.  Andy opted to get the stamp that was on all of Davy’s documents. It is the official stamp from her region. He wanted it too look all smudged and – well stamp like. He got it on the inside of his arm right where Davy lays her head when he rocks her to sleep.

I wanted to get tattoo of an Tukul. When we met her birthparent we confirmed that she was born in a home that looked very similar to the tattoo on my leg. Her birthparent also gave us some grass as a promise that we would care for Davy. The grass is incorporated into the bottom of the tattoo. I have been stalking tattoos for a while. In Portland it’s easy. I wanted the tattoo to be very stylized and feminine and represent the tukul is a sacred place.  I found Shauna at Robot Tattoo. I love her drawing style and the quality of her line work. It was really fun collaboration working with her on the tattoo. She really “got” what I was looking for. Too bad the tattoo hurt like hell…..

Can Davy get tattoos? Heck yeah- when she is old enough. By old enough I mean 38 and 40, not 18. When I was 19 I got a tattoo of the woman from the woman’s bathroom sign. It’s cute and funny, but well as deep as a 19 year old can get. The tattoos I have gotten later in life have been deeply personal. They are decisions that I know in 20 years I won’t regret. As long as Davy doesn’t get a dolphin jumping through a ring of fire- I am cool with it. Well when she is 40 I will be 80 and my eyesight will be so shot I won’t notice that giant blurry dolphin on my daughters forehead.


3 thoughts on “We Are a Tattoo Family

  1. These are beautiful! We too are tattoo people. And we have been thinking about when the time comes how we will represent our child and Ethiopia in tattoo form. Guess we will know, when we know. You both did an amazing job.

  2. The tattoos are great, I think I’ll get a small tattoo to represent my family and homeland. My imagination isn’t very good so maybe I”ll have my children think up of something.

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