Almost There


In just 9 days our girl turns 1 year old. Her first year has been so huge. She has lived in 4 different places, has been loved by countless people. My daughter is an amazingly happy baby. The one consistency in her life is that she has been truly and deeply loved. How can anyone not love our sweet funny girl? Really she is extraordinary.


Davy received her first, first birthday from my friend Autumn. Autumn was the first person I have ever met with a child from Ethiopia. I stalked her. Read her blog, Finally one day I saw her at Close Knit and introduced myself. It took us a while be become friends. Mostly because several months later my mom got into a car accident with her (all were fine) and I felt so awkward and sad about it that I kept a way.

Autumn had a baby shortly before Davy came along and started inviting us over for playmates. Autumn is an amazing sewer and crafty person. She makes these really amazing and wonderful Ethiopian boy and girl dolls. I had always coveted them, but also didn’t want to “jinx” our adoption by every purchasing one. I was going to get one for Davy’s first birthday and she totally TOTALLY surprised me by making on for our Davy. Seriously, I wept when she told me. I was flabbergasted. Here is Davy with Autumn, Mezmur, Mavis and her doll. We have been calling our doll “Good Davy”. Because it’s really quiet, doesn’t torture the dogs or randomly throw fits in the car seat (a new phenomena). Also referring to a silent, adorable doll as “Good Davy” might be the most screwed up parenting thing I can do right now. So we won’t be calling it Good Davy for long. Is just made me laugh.
Davy also got a card in the mail from Andy’s grandma. That would be Davy’s GREAT Grandma. We are going to see Grannie Reece this Thanksgiving, so this was a great suprise. Davy thought the card tasted good.

Davy’s actual birthday is November 12, but as you can see we have taken the Weisman approach of celebrating the whole month of November as of International Davy Dinkenesh Beach Day.

Also today is Andy’s birthday. He doesn’t believe in a month of celebrating. He is too low key. I don’t think he minds sharing his birthday month with Davy.


1 thought on “Almost There

  1. i shall do my part to celebrate IDDBD here in indiana. i’m not sure yet what that will involve (corn husking?) as we midwesterners are still fine-tuning the art of partying, but it shall be Something Grand. i’ll keep you posted.

    happy late birthday (again), andy! happy birthday month, davy!

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