Today our Davy turned one. To think of everything that she survived and experienced in her first year is mind blowing. We have a fair bit of information about Davy’s life before she came to us, but- as a mother- to not have experienced every moment of it- is sometimes heartbreaking. For me, this year is a little bit of bittersweet. I think about her what her birth family in Ethiopia might be feeling. It’s everyones first. Everyday, I see Davy’s biological parent’s features in my baby’s face. I feel nothing but love and gratitude that we get to raise our beautiful girl. Love and gratitude.

I was looking back on this years photos and it’s amazing to see the person she is becoming. The photos from Ethiopia don’t do her personality justice, but it’s wonderful to see how she has grown and evolved.

Davy age one: easing into toddler-dom but throwing herself on the floor and crying when she doesn’t feel like doing what we want her to do. Davy age one: a million expressions a minute. Davy age one: is the happiest baby this side of the planet (despite a few tantrums). Davy age one: tentatively walking on her own. Davy age one: wakes up in the morning with the brightest eyes and the biggest smile. Davy age one: has the sweetest voice and loves to sing to herself. Also loves to dance to any music she hears- even her mommas off key singing.Davy age one: friend to Beti, Abe, Sophia and countless others. Davy age one: so so so loved by everyone who’s life she touches. Dave age one: Beloved daughter of Bekele, beloved daughter of Andy Beach and Lisa Weisman. Beloved.

3 days old

10 days
10 days- our referral photo

6 weeks
6 weeks

4 months
4 months

Six months
six months

7.5 months
7.5 months (with daddy’s nose)

8 months
8 months

9 months
9 months

10 months
10 months

11 months
11 months



4 thoughts on “365

  1. i am in long-distance love with your girl. she is the darlingest little person with the BEST parents and you are fortunate we’ve some 2k miles between us or i’d be over at your place an annoying amount of the time.

    happy birthday, davy!

    lovely cameo, andy’s nose!

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