Summer Knitting

I have been trying to knit Andy a sweater since 2002. This summer I was victorious. Sweater finished. He can have another in 10 years. I knit the vast majority of it on our road trip which made it less boring.
He looks very handsome and impish in it.


I also finished a sweater for myself this summer. I started it last winter. We had a break and then I finally finished it. I am very pleased with the way it came out.
I am also working on another for myself that MAY actually be done before fall. I also need to start my fall Davy knitting. Oh the pressures of August!


My saucy pose….


1 thought on “Summer Knitting

  1. i am estimating the number of stitches per sweater, and it looks like roughly seventy billion. further proof that you are amazing, and possibly not actually human. beautiful.

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