“I Love You Daaaaddddy”


Davy is crazy verbal. She often speaks in full sentences. It blows peoples minds. She also has a pretty huge vocabulary. Not that I am bragging, but yeah, well I am bragging. The other day she was eating cherries and she said “delicious”. I am proud of of all of her talking. She also can cuss like a sailer (but uses the words correctly).

This weekend were out for dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It’s one of those places where they bring you a giant cauldron of soup and you cook your stuff at the table. Davy loves watching us (um Andy) cook. So cooking the rice and noodles and meat fascinate her. Here is how our dinner conversation went.

Davy: I love you daddy
Me: uh?!?
Andy: She says it all the time
Me (looking exasperated and giving Andy THE FINGER behind Davy’s back)
Davy do you love Mommy?
Davy: uh huh
Andy: Davy do you love rice (we were eating rice)
Davy: I love rice, Daddy
Me: Do you love noodles
Davy: I love noodles
Me: Do you love mommy:
Davy: mmmmm yeah
Me: Mommy lOVES Davy
Davy: I Love you Daddy

Daddy is the rockstar, mommy is the enforcer, i totally get it. Also I am married to the Child Whisperer. But COME ON! Say it Davy! SAYYY ITTTT.


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