Unabashed Family Joy

Tonight we went out for mediocre Mexican food. We got a little lost on the way home and ended up near the airport. We were listening to the radio when “I Will Survive”came on the radio. Andy turned up the stereo and all three of us were dancing unabashedly. We were in fact, dancing like nobody was looking.

The car next to us pulled up and started laughing at all three of us, and dancing with us.
I realized it was one of those moments of family joy that I had so longed for and craved when we were waiting.

I have several close friends who are in the process of adoption/fertility treatment. These small, private moments of parenthood are so sweet. I think it is made sweeter by being so appreciative of the process that brought us to our beautiful girl. Hang on tight my dear friends. My brave women. Your moment is coming, and when it does, I promise it will be made all the sweeter.

On an even more serious note. Davy and I have been practicing our dance moves via Yo Gabba Gabba. I am a big fan of the Puppetmaster.


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