Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

2013- Meh


So far 2013 has been off to a mediocre start. I am trying to shake the feeling that the whole year is just going to be cursed, but right now if feels like this gloominess is creeping its way into my psyche.

Two weeks ago, i got into a car accident. We are fine, my car isn’t. It’s okay. Cars are meant to take the provable bullet for us, but it has made me weary. Here is what happened. A few nights before the accident Davy and I were at the dinner table. We always clink our glasses together and say “cheers”. This random time I said l’chaim (to life). Davy copied my, but to my total horror she said it like a non-Jew. She said l’CHI um. Not with the guttural “cha” sound that is so prevalent in Yiddish pronunciation.
Don’t know what it sounds like? Listen to this?

Well I needed to correct that behavior before her GRANDPARENTS found out. We spent some time making that guttural ccchhhhhhaaa sound, until she got it. A few days later we were in the car. She was having a snack and started practicing the Cccchhhhhaa sound. Which incidentally also is the sound most people make when they are chocking. Consequently, I looked backwards when she made the sound and well. bam. Totally hit the guy in front of me and trashed my car. Airbags went off and everything. A pretty big accident. The good news is now Davy says a perfect l’chaim.

Also our poor Bella is having an extreme grief reaction to the loss of Georgia. Even though they were never very close, they were sisters and Bella has never been a lone dog. While my heart goes out to my deeply neurotic and sensitive pooch her behavior is a little um, annoying. Basically she is back to pooping in the house EVERY time we leave her. She steals food from the countertops. She also has been tearing up Davy’s toys and our pillows. None of this is really new, but she is definitely regressing into past behavior. I feel terrible for her. She has gotten a lot of extras love and attention, but its still difficult. We have tried putting a Thundershirt on her and are hopping she will get better soon. We do eventually want another dog, but aren’t’ really ready yet. Poor poor dear.

This last week Andy was out of town and Davy got super sick. She was throwing up for hours and hours. My mom and I took her to the ER because I was afraid she was getting dehydrated. They gave her some anti nauseous medication and 20 minutes later she was dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba videos on my ipad. It was terrifying and also well, really really gross. Trying to get your two year old to understand the concept of a ‘puke bowl” was kinda lost on her.

Finally on Friday I slipped on ice and fell down my front stairs. Davy with with me, but just fell down, not down stairs. I got it all (which is good). I was greeted by the woman who cleans my house. I was sitting on the front step crying my eyes out with exhaustion and frustration. I was truly glad for her warmth and hugs.

So yeah, that’s a lot of January 14th right?