Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

This is My Family

We had our family photos done by the amazing Posy Quaterman.We used some of them for our holiday cards. There were too many to choose from. Really amazing and magical. Also the whole thing only took an hour and a half. I have been wanting Posy to take our family photo since I first saw her work and well before we even knew Davy was going to be Davy. I just wanted to be ONE of those families that show up in her blog. I think she captured us so perfectly- except we look pretty good in every photo!





















Gender Gap

We have been going to the Playground Gym since Davy was a year old. It’s a great place and has definitely helped with her physical development. She loves the teachers and we have made some good buddies while we have been there. Every season the class dynamics change because big kids get moved up, people schedules change or other folks just drop out.

So today was the first day that we came back. Out of the class there were 10 boys and two girls. One being the older sister of a younger kid who semi participated and the other being Davy. For me, three and four year old boys are kind of the enemy. They are big and rambunctious and usually don’t pay a lot of attention to two year old girls. Davy was trampled twice. A mom comes with both of her kids and one is much older then the class allows. He creates a little bit of a problem because he is HUGE and really isn’t paying much attention to what’s going on around him. He bonked her pretty hard. Hard enough that I had to remove her because she was crying so hard. It was totally an accident, but I think in a class that is suppose to max out at 3 year olds, its inappropriate for him to participate. The teachers are awesome and are totally on top of it, but still. Stuff happens. After Davy calmed down, I encouraged her to join in again. She literally got pushed out of the way by two other little boys which cause another melt down.

I made some comment about how todays class is totally filled with crazy boy energy. The teachers heard me and did a girl only round of activities, but at that point Davy was totally over it. She cried and didn’t participate at all. She usually loves that class. Also she is a pretty tough cookie. She usually doesn’t have these kinds of melt downs and she can get in there with the best of them. I just think the energy of the class today was a little overwhelming.

However it does give me a bit of concern, only because I am starting to see the differences in how boys and girls are approached so young. There is a grandma in the class (who I can’t stand) she looked at Davy and said “You better toughen up girl”. I resisted to punch her and say “You better make sure your kids doesn’t become a giant douche bag”. But I digress. The question is, should I expect her to emulate their aggression or should I expect them to be more sensitive to her needs? I know what the answer is but it kind of bums me out.