Hey Call Jude


So I have a friend name Jude. Everyone should have a friend named Jude. She is my BFFs sister. I have known her for 20 years. Jude is a family psychotherapist who also happens to be a parent coach. I am so grateful that Jude is in our lives. When we are stumped we call Jude. When Davy just came home and I had no idea what the heck I was doing. We called Jude. Davy was not sleeping. We called Jude. Davy was hitting. Called Jude. Davy started jumping out of her crib. We called Jude.

Do I think every single person on the planet can benefit from a parenting coach? Yup.
I am not one that likes to use blanket statements about how other people parent. Sometimes I just think that you need someone outside of you who can help you through a problem. She has the key to toddler and kids brains that us as laypeople don’t. I also happen to agree with her take on things. She is pragmatic, funny, kind and an amazing listener. She has also parented a pretty spectacular kid herself, if her kid was insane- I would worry. She knows us really well but hasn’t met Davy. The other day I called because of Davy’s recent spat of taking off running down the street. She said. “Well Dave’s a woman on a mission, we just don’t know what yet. Once we figure it out we will help her get there.” Perfect. In the mean time, her suggestions of getting davy not to run “the silent treatment for short periods of time” have worked. Davy gets it that momma is upset and mad that she runs. Now she pushes me, but well that’s another session.

Jude lives in DC. She does phone sessions. I have a friend who just had a baby. I gave her a few phone sessions as a gift and it has been great. Yes I am doing a shameless plug, but seriously if you are feeling freaked out, or overwhelmed. Just called Jude. You won’t regret it. You really wont.

Here is her info


2 thoughts on “Hey Call Jude

  1. I truly admire your outlook. I just wasn’t smart enough to ask for advice – -or take it when it was pressed on me by some desperate soul who saw I was f—— up royally.

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