Somewhere in Ethiopia a Kid is Plotzing!

Andy and I got to visit the police station downtown and get fingerprinted. This is to for our background check as part of the adoption process.  We had more fun than we should have. First of all we got to go to the Forensic Evidence laboratories. We met a real crime scene evidence person. She did confirm that:

a)     Her job is not really as exciting as it seems on tv

b)    They don’t have a super computer that does everything for them

c)     She never gets to interview suspects

d)    And her job REALLY isn’t as interesting as it is on tv

She was amazingly good-natured about us taking a million photographs. I figured we aren’t going to have ultra-sound photos or anything like that so we should document the process! It was really fun. Andy was typically good natured about all the photos. He knows who I am. We kept joking that somewhere in Ethiopia a baby (in the tummy of his/her birth mom) is so SO embarrassed and he/she doesn’t even know why!

I got news for you kid- get used to it! Your future parents are goofballs. We love you and haven’t even met you yet!


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