Home Study- Not Such a Big Thang

The first of our two interviews for our home study was this week. We were just excited that the process is moving forward. I was thrilled when Holt told us who our social worker would be–we had met her before at the Holt open house and she seemed totally unflappable. Before our home study began we had to fill out a really long questionnaire – that had super personal questions on it- ranging from our religious and child rearing beliefs to our family history.  We also had to provide them with 4 letters of recommendation from friends. Consequently- I think she had a good idea of who we were and what we were about before we walked in the door.

All the other adoptive families I have met assured me that this isn’t such a big deal. Frankly, I was more excited then nervous – however my excited energy is almost the exact same as my nervous energy – so if you don’t know me- you would think I am an insane spazz (which is totally correct).  Also when I am excited I become wildly inarticulate and giggly and probably swear waaayyy too much. It’s like someone when some says don’t say the word “blue” and I can’t help but yell “blue blue blue blue” like someone with tourettes syndrome.

Andy- knows I am a totally competitive person and he bet me $300 that I would fuck the whole thing up.  Thanks baby.  It made me HAVE to prove him wrong!  Our Social Worker said I didn’t screw it up and he owed me $300 bucks (which goes to the baby fund).

First our social worker talked to us together. She had just gotten back from a trip to Ethiopia and had lots of tales to tell.  She also told Andy about the internet access. Gotta  love my husband- he isn’t at all worried about becoming a dad, bonding with his kid, going to another country, traveling with a group of people we may love or hate- but he was REALLY worried about the internet  connection in Addis.  Fortunately for us- there is a Hilton and a golf club that both have internet connection. Andy also has 10 billion Hilton points so he is hoping we can use them there. We can’t actually stay at the Hilton when we go to pick our kid up (some legal thing). But hopefully we can stay there when we go for our shorter court visit. It has a pool….

She also said that the current average wait time for a kid by the time the Home Study stuff is approved (ours will be done at the end of June) is NINE MONTHS.  And that’s MAX!!!! There is a chance our baby might be here for Christukah!!!!! That’s three seasons away! Amazing!!!!!!!!!  We also put down that we wanted a kid 0-12 months old (but were pretty flexible up to a point).  I think once our Dossier is approved- this can all move pretty freaking quickly. Almost at the same rate as an actually pregnancy (‘cept I can drink all the booze I want and eat sushi).

After she talked to us together- she wanted to interview us separately.  Andy went first ‘cause I had to pee. They were in there for about 30 minutes. I can hear laughing and every once in a while. Andy is a total pro at this stuff- he is funny and charming. I REALLY wanted to put my ear up to the door but I TOTALLY knew I would get caught.  Then it was my turn. I had practiced (in my head– kind of Miss America style) all the answers to these complicated questions I anticipated.  I had LOFTY answers about race, religion, the responsibility of raising a kid, etc etc etc…

She seriously asked me totally easy and straight forward questions like, describe your mom, your dad, what did you like to do as a kid? How did you celebrate the holidays?  Name 3 words that would describe you (funny, enthusiastic and kind-hearted). Andy said his was (sarcastic, pedantic and- I think snarky). He is all those three things- I call him pedandy as a nickname. The home study interview was really quite fun, informative and pretty laid back! Not such a big deal!  It does make this whole thing seem so real!

Next week- after we get back from San Francisco she is going to come over to the house. Hopefully Bella won’t feel the need to deep tongue kiss her and Georgia won’t feel compelled to show her knife skills. She just takes a look around, will talk to mom and ask us a few more questions. Then we will be all done with that. I am working on the rest of our dossier documents. Our parenting classes are in June. After that we can send our stuff off to Ethiopia and get put on the list for a baybay!  Hurrah a Baybay!!!

We took these photos after the interview. I like this photo of Andy because he could be interested in Senior Care, Adoption, Sandra Yang or Real Estate. He just wanted me to get ON with it….

As oppose to me the used car (or baby) sales woman…


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