Screw You Old Friends- I Got Some New Ones (Just Kidding)

Another great thing happened this week! I met some “Mom’s in Waiting”. We all met through the Holt Yahoo Group and all live around Portland.  We met in Beaverton (the middle). It was freaking awesome!  There were 5 of us total and we were all in different parts of the process. Some folks are waiting on court dates and to travel to pick their wee ones up- other were waiting for a referral and (of coarse I am always last) I was just waiting to get my act- I mean- dossier together.  We sat the table at Starbucks and laughed our butts off for almost 3 hours. Because some folks were further along in the process they could help with more practical things- but really it was nice to know we were all in the same boat and could just commiserate and laugh a lot.  My transition to Portland hasn’t been very easy.  I am used to having a great network of friends around. I think I got fairly lucky in North Carolina because I stumbled into the Durham String Thing and found an awesome group there. I have made friends here- great fun people- but it has been slower than I would have hoped.  So this felt really great. We are going to try to get together once a month.  Hopefully our group will transition from coffee to playgrounds and juice boxes as our little ones arrive from Ethiopia.


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