So this adoption stuff is very expensive. Andy and I have managed to save enough for most of the actual adoption fees- but we are still quite a bit short for the travel expenses. We are hoping to use Andy’s copious amount of frequent flyer miles- but everyone says its tricky because the dates are so not flexible. Hopefully we can use them for at least an upgrade when we travel home with our future screaming child. I am certain our child will be screaming home on the airplane because, in my youth I have been a total bitch to people with screaming children on airplanes. As someone who is turning 39 in a few weeks, I understand how karma works. And yeah, it’s a bitch.

SO we have two FUNdraisers plan. I hate doing this stuff so I am really working the FUN aspect of it. First we are going to have a yard sale in early August. We are totally taking donations for this. If you have crap you want to get rid of- give it to us. We will sell it. Since we moved so many times- frankly we don’t have THAT much crap. Don’t get me wrong- we have crap- just not THAT much. So anything will be beneficial.

The second thing I am working on is a craft sale. I am super crafty- and I figured if I made stuff- folks may want to buy it as a way of helping us with the fees. I promise it will be good stuff. I am selling handspun yarn, scarves, pins and some fantastic (if I don’t say so myself) little coasters. We are going to have an actual craft sale in Portland at my friends house and I am going to upload stuff to my etsy site-so peeps don’t have to travel to get it. Also if anyone wants to donate a handmade item to our craft sale- I would be more than grateful!  Above is a sneak peek of my super cute coasters.


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