Don’t Poke Me Bi’atch

Andy and I had to get our travel shots. The nurse was really super nice (I am only calling her a bi’atch because she poked me. If you poke me you get called a bi’atch. Don’t care how nice you are bi’atch). We had to start getting them because some of them you need six months before travel.  The nurse called me a drama queen because I screamed every time she jabbed me in the arm, but yeah- they freaking hurt!

I only needed six shots (Andy seven) because I was lucky enough to get hit in the face with a baseball 5 years ago and already had the tetanus shot. Lucky lucky me! If you are wondering here is what you need in order to go to Africa:

  1. Hep A and B
  2. Meningococcal (for Meningitis)
  3. Polio Booster (thanks Dr. Saulk)
  4. Typhoid (don’t call ME Typhoid Mary)
  5. Yellow Fever (not a good color on me)
  6. H1N1 (cause it was free and what the heck)

We have to go back in a month and get a second round of the Heps and (i think) yellow fever. I am also going to get malaria   meds (even though we are only going to be in the malaria effected area for 24 hours). They are suppose to give you crazy dreams. CRAZY dreams. I already have crazy dreams- so that should be um, funnnn…. by the way- the cost like $1000. We didn’t really budget this stuff when we started the process. Ouch bi’atch.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Poke Me Bi’atch

  1. Wow – Lisa, this is so amazing. I am so happy for you! Things sound like they are really coming together. Keep those posts coming!

  2. They told us there is a new kind of Malaria med that doesn’t give you crazy dreams?! Did they tell you about those? I think we are going to take those ones. But maybe I just dreamed that!

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