Scenes from a Yard Sale

This weekend was our much anticipated yard sales. We made almost $300 bucks towards the adoption and have enough stuff left over to run another one next month.  I really feel very fortunate. We have only been in Portland for a year and have accumulated really a wonderful and supportive group of friends. These folks not only donated a ton of stuff for us to sell, they also helped us organize the sale,  came over and kept us company, and even started a lemonade stand (too bad we got rained out. Nothin’ like a couple of urchins hocking lemonade). All of this made me feel incredibly loved and really truly lucky that we have found such awesome folks in such a short time. Hurrah for everyone.

Here are some highlights of the sale:

We jokingly put price tags on the dogs (Georgia was $5 and Bella was 50 cents). A young man we will loving refer to as Meth Mouth – truly thought that Bella was a good deal and really wanted to buy her. No, I mean really REALLY thought she was a good deal (he couldn’t figure out why Georgia was so much more money). The meth obviously affected his sense of sarcasm. Sadly Bella has the WORST taste in men and totally would have gone home with him. After my conversation with him- where I stated firmly that they WERE NOT for sale. We put them inside for a while. Better safe than sorry.

My second favorite thing: I decided to finally part with the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” which I thought was ironic because it was an adoption sale. It obviously hadn’t worked for us. The person who bought it was a man wearing that t-shirt of the three wolves howling at the moon. You know it. Yup. I have said it once I will say it again. Hope it works for you fella!

Here are a few other photos from the yard sale:

My Scottish friend Gillian parting with her Scottish girl doll. You can tell she was sad to see it go.

Bella REALLY asking to be stolen by Mr. Meth Mouth

The weekend was a smashing success! So much fun and I really loved being surrounded by our friends. We shut down the yard sale early (started raining). Had a beer (one of the 10 reasons why adoption is funner than pregnancy- and yes is said funner) and then headed over to the Ethiopian Adoptive Family of Oregon summer picnic. It was wonderful to see all the kids and talk to the parents. THEN we got to watch Mad Men. Can it BE a better weekend. Oh now I am eating a cookie.


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