Take a Freaking Number Yo


Our friend John made this graphic for us. The baby might look a little different than ours- but you get the picture and I think it’s a pretty funny image. The idea of waiting in line for a baby is SO WEIRD but as he said “it’s all so hard it’s good just to embrace  the weird” so we are.  We are actually (at last count) number 31- so we have moved up seven slots. I keep saying this – because its totally true- that this number system is so totally arbitrary. There are 31 families waiting for kids from our agency. Some are waiting for older kids, some siblings, some girls, some like us a baby- 10 fingers and 10 toes.  I don’t know if knowing where you in the process is better or worse. I think if I didn’t know- it would be worse, but knowing and also knowing that there is no logic in the process is a toughie too.  Our agency also said that it’s now going to be a 6-9 month wait for a referral (e.g. photo of your kid).  I am hopping time moves quickly. You will know when we get “the call” because you will be able to hear my scream of joy all the way to New York. No need for phone calls! I got’s a booming voice! Andy will say in his own quiet way “yeah that’s a cute kid”. Okay True Blood is on and I am rambling. Thanks for the cool Graphic John! Hopefully we can update it when we get to the single digits 🙂


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