Daily Archives: March 13, 2011

Making Stuff


I have been in a creative frenzy. I started making these little changing pads/random absorbent baby items for my adoption friends. They are made out of cloth diapers. I sewed some fancy fabric to it, added a tie and then quilted it all together. I have no general purpose in mind for it- but I figured they looked like cute and handy items.

I also made a slew of tea cozies for some friends. The pattern came from this awesome craft blog. I am a huge fan of her patterns. They are super easy to read and follow. I love her aesthetic. I am a big big fan.

Here is a close up:


And finally I made Davy an Elephant. It’s also from the Retro Mama website. I think I am going to do the bunny next. This was a pretty challenging project for me and I am very please with the way it came out. We call him Timothy, Timothy Olyphant. Not bad considering that i have also been working full time over the last two weeks. At least I am being productive. I am so thankful that i have all of this craftiness to keep me sane. Seriously, Dunno know I would do without all of this stuff.