Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

Elvis (well Davy) Has Left the Building

Yesterday we got the official word that Davy has been transferred from her care center in Durame to her final care center in Addis. This means things are progressing with the adoption. Holt has received the court decree, her birth certificate has been issued, and we have filled out the paperwork for her to be submitted to the US Embassy for the final leg of this journey.

I am feeling a little sad though. I know this move is a good thing, but Davy has lived at the care center in Durame since she was a few days old. It was her home she was truly loved and obviously very comfortable there. I hate the idea of having to get used to a new place, and then have to get used to us. Some of our other court friends kids have also been moved, so at least she won’t be alone.

I wonder if they will know to call her by her nickname there. If they will know how to make her laugh in the same way the nannies in the south could make her giggle. Looking back at the photos from our trip you can see that Davy (while amused and tolerated us) really became the most animated when she was in the arms of the nannies. I love that. I don’t think I told them how much I appreciated them loving our girl. I think I tried, but the words came out garbled and a little weepy. We are going to make some prints of these photos and give them back to the nannies when we go for the second trip. It is a small token of our appreciation for all the work that they do.

So here we are waiting waiting waiting again. My patience is much more challenged this time. I came home and frankly got a little depressed. I called it African Sleeping Disease, but really I am just ready to get started with this next part of our lives. My various temp jobs, while excellent time killers- are not holding my concentration. I find myself becoming a little surly and impatient. Who wants to file when I need to be holding my girl in my arms. Really it’s not much of a competition.

So this is a bit of a whiny blog post. I am so excited that things are progressing. Again, I am learning to breath, be patient; trust that Davy is coming home. People ask how long it takes. I have been saying “how long is a piece of string” there is no answer. It could take a month, two months or six months. Typically it’s between 8-12 weeks. Time feels like it is moving slowly, then she will be here and we won’t have time to do anything.

In the mean time Andy and I have been getting her room ready. At first I had this idea to do a funky robot girl themed room. We both love science fiction and I thought it was a cute idea. BUT after meeting our beautiful, giggly sweet girl- we changed our minds. Davy is more like a woodland creature. We keep saying her face reminds us of an owl- so we are going to do something softer. Not sure exactly yet-something sweet and full of whimsy. We will figure it out. That is a good kind of problem to have. There is something magical about getting to meet your kid and then figuring it out. That is just one of the teensy tiny miracles of adoption.