Daily Archives: June 30, 2011

The Ah-Ha Moment

This week has been full of firsts. It really is an amazing week learning about Davy. We keep waiting for someone say “it’s time to give her back” and it is hard to imagine that she will be with us forever.

Overall we are doing great. She has a bad cold, so she is pretty mellow and sleepy. Poor thing. She is a happy and easy going baby. The nannies swear she only cries once a week (so far its on Wednesdays).  She is a happy and adorable little goofball,  a perfect match for our family.

This week this new momma has changed many many diapers, fed her baby girl, given her a bath and have managed not to dress her like a little hooker.

It’s funny to think of myself as a mother, but on the other hand it has felt like the most natural thing I have ever done.  Yesterday was the day that it all felt real. I was picking Davy up, holding her above my head. It’s an easy trick that makes her giggle. She was above me, I was talking to her when a giant booger dripped out of her nose and into mouth. It might have been motherhood at its grossest. I loved it. We both laughed and then snuggled some more.