Davy’s Laptop Has a Vagina


Davy loves to bang on our laptop keys. Actually she likes to rip the laptops from our hands by its hinges and throw it on the floor, like Godzilla vs Mothra. We were hoping that if we got her one of her own to destroy that she will  be less interested in ours. I have a sinking feeling that this is a novice parental mistake.

Some folks have given us gift cards for the holidays.  I marched off to Target with Davy in tow to buy her a kid laptop. I know she is a bit young, but frankly she is our kid, and as a family we embrace technology.

I was standing in the kid toy department and I was a little surprised to see that kid laptops are already gender identified. Pink for girls, blue for boys. What happened to gender neutral green or just plain gray. I felt very weird about the whole thing and slightly ambivalent. I think slight ambivalence is my theme for parenthood. I feel often like I am picking between lesser evils. I picked the pink. Want to know why I piked pink? Because I remembered that Andy has a purple cover on his mac and I wanted her to match her Daddies. Gender identity in babies is a very odd and funny subject. For the record they did have some more neutral ones but they were $15 more and I am kinda cheep.


Davy’s already texting and driving.


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