I Like to Make Stuff


My friend Jude had contacted me a few months ago about making a quilt for her daughter’s birthday. She wanted it to have a horsy theme, because Sophie loves the ponies. I offered to make her a quilt. I have known Jude for almost 20 years. She is also an quite literally an expert on attachment and bonding. Not just someone who “thinks” they are an expert- we have all met them before, but and actual real-life expert. As you can imagine I called her everyday when Davy first arrived. I still talk to her all the time as Davy eases into toddlerhood. Everyone on the planet should have a Judith to call. Her advise is practical, funny, laid back and totally applicable.

When you are process with adoption they (social workers, your adoption agency, other parents, society in general) totally freak you out that your kid is NEVER going to attach to you. It’s nice to have an expert to just tell you that most of it is bunk. It really is. People who’s kids are having attachment issues don’t just wonder if they are having trouble attaching- they KNOW. In caps KNOW. But I digress….

This quilt has been the funnest project I have worked on in a while. I bought the appliqued horse heads (does that make me a cheater- i dunno). I did the rest of the quilting. Mostly I was really excited about the precision of the process. All the pieces were basically the same size and when I put them together they fit! Hurrah. Also I had no plan for the quilt. I just started with a tiny bit of fabric and kind of bought it as I was going along. It was a nice creative process. The quilt is freaking GIGANTIC its 63×94. I have no idea how I am going to cram it in my machine. I have another month to work on it. So it will be done soon!


I have also been knitting like a fiend. I made three of these hats called Kane. Here is Andy’s made out of Madeline Tosh worsted. I think it makes him look like Opie from Son’s of Anarchy (minus the neck tattoos, prison record and gold teeth). I have also made several pairs of my friend Nancy’s Sally Gloves. I made a pair for my friend Nicole and she did a nice blog post about them. Also if you read my blog you should read Nicole’s blog. It’s really amazingly beautiful. I kind of wish she was my mom (even though she is younger then me and lives in the midwest).


2 thoughts on “I Like to Make Stuff

  1. i will totally be your mom, no relocation to cornville required. (i must warn you, though, that my popularity polls have crashed and burned in the past, oh, six months or so.)

    love the new hats!

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